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Artist-in-Residence - Heather Goodchild

July 2012 – August 2012

Heather Goodchild artwork,

Heather Goodchild, Daughter FATAL, 11" x 17", Vinyl cut silkscreen, 2007.

Heather Goodchild slide 1
Heather Goodchild, Journey portrait

Heather Goodchild, Journey portrait, 27" x 70", Rug Hook(wool and burlap), 2009.

Heather Goodchild slide 2
 Heather Goodchild, ATR Patchwork

Heather Goodchild, ATR Patchwork, 11" x 17", Inlaid patchwork, 2010.

Heather Goodchild slide 3
Heather Goodchild, The Balanced Life will Flourish

Heather Goodchild, The Balanced Life will Flourish, 5" x 5", Inlaid patchwork, 2010.

Heather Goodchild slide 4


Heather Goodchild was the AGO's fourth Artist-in-Residence. Throughout her residency Goodchild conducted a multi-faceted project entitled Made it Then, Make it Again, in the AGO's new Weston Family Learning Centre. Developing a romaticisized vision of manufacturing processes, Goodchild explored how communal assembly line labour has evolved over the past century, and how the idea of “work” in general contributes to personal and social well being.

Heather Goodchild in collaboration with artists Naomi Yasui, Josh Hall and musician Doug Paisley, in the large-scale installation "Made it Then, Make it Again".

Heather Goodchild in collaboration with artists Naomi Yasui, Josh Hall and musician Doug Paisley, in the large-scale installation "Made it Then, Make it Again".

A major component to Made it Then, Make it Again is Goodchild's two-month installation of  Uniform Factory in the AGO’s Community Gallery from July – August 2012. The artist transformed the gallery space into a fully functioning uniform factory and worked in this space to train volunteers how to cut patterns and fabricate the uniforms she designed to be part of this project. Volunteers working throughout the two months included garment professionals and the AGO Youth Council.

Goodchild's residency culminated in a related 12-hour performance on September 29th for Nuit Blanche.

About the Artist

Heather Goodchild working during Nuit Blanche 2012

Heather Goodchild has exhibited across North America since 2002. Her recent solo exhibitions include Walking the Pattern, presented at Mulherin Pollard Projects (New York, NY) in 2011 and The Wardens, presented at Hamilton Artitsts Inc in 2012. Goodchild will be exhibiting in Berlin, Germany this September at Sur la Montagne.

Goodchild's practice involves exploring the rituals, regalia and symbols of world religions, Girl Guides and Freemasonry in an attempt to understand the purpose of these traditions. Using textile techniques such as rug-hooking, inlaid patchwork, screen printing and quilting, she has developed new ways to execute old crafts, creating pieces that seem to exist both in the past and present.

Heather Goodchild, in collaboration with Naomi Yasui, runs the online project The Wardens Today.

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